Jyoti Punj Hospital has been providing care, support and state-of-the-art medical services to women & children for over 21 years they deserve all in a caring & comforting environment. Every pregnancy is unique and sometimes requires extra monitoring and care, that’s why we provide advanced care to keep you and your baby safe during pregnancy and birth.


We believe in providing world-class comprehensive maternity care services to make your pregnancy journey pleasant and memorable right from conception to delivery. Our aim is to offer a comfortable and stress-free birthing experience to the mother-to-be which makes us stand out as the leading maternity hospital in Patna.

Neonatal Care

Our NICU is fully equipped and staffed to provide 24×7 care to critically ill neonates. Our neonatal nurses have been trained extensively to provide one-to-one patient care, being the best hospital  for new-borns in Patna.

Women Care

Our primary aim is to care & cure women who are dealing with different reproductive system-related issues & internal disorders to allow them to live healthy lives.

Fertlity Clinic

We offer a wide range of fertility services to cater to the couples in need of the same. We are one of the best centres in Patna. Our fertility department is equipped & advanced with state-of-the-art equipements and experienced specialists to provide comprehensive care, treatment and result.